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I've been reading a lot of journal entries lately about deception. I have to laugh every time I see one of those. People complain about someone not being honest and then not having the cajones to go right ahead and name names. Oooh, we're being deceived, let's be secretive about it. Isn't that just another deception? Lies within lies within conspiracies within lies.

I think I have lost my faith in people in general. Particularly "online" people. The majority of people I talk to online are so incredibly two-faced it's laughable. They also tend to be very fickle - flitting from one "friendship" to another as it suits them. Some of these people are adults and yet they act like a bunch of 15 year old high school kids.

I try to reserve such harsh judgements of people until I meet them face to face. One thing I have learned, though, is most people's true colors come shining through online and meeting them in person very rarely changes my opinions of them. I've only met one person who I thought was really nice online who turned out to be a jackass offline. Unfortunately, all the people who weren't really nice online turned out to be not really nice offline too. Go with your gut, I always say...

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