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52 Movies Week 1 - Xanadu

For a movie that really was not very good, it sure was fun to watch. I remember loving this movie back in the 80's when I was a lot younger and a whole lot dumber. If nothing else, I can appreciate it for the music. Who didn't love ELO back in the early 80's? Well, except for those of you who weren't born yet. Olivia Newton John was at her adorable best too. No, she really wasn't that great of an actress as far as her lines sounding like she was reading but she was luminous and had an undeniable screen presence. I do not know if Gene Kelly appeared in many more movies after that but, it was great seeing him in a movie and on roller skates!!!

Of course, watching this made me want to go see the new stage revival of Xanadu ( Maybe I'll get to in May when the tour hits Wilmington, Delaware.
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