Jeanette (art_witch) wrote,

EXTRAS NEEDED: So you wanna be in a movie?

They are accepting names for extras for this until March 26th. I know I have a lot of friends who are Browncoats so I thought some of you might be interested.
EXTRAS NEEDED: So you wanna be in a movie?

Have you ever wanted to hang out in an old western saloon? Would you like to walk down an old western street that has been decorated for the Chinese New Year? Would you like to possibly participate in a saloon-style brawl?

Now is your chance!

Big Damn Fan Films, Inc. will be in need of several extras for their independent film, “BROWNCOATS: REDEMPTION,” over the first two weekends in April near Ocean City, MD. Attendance both weekends is not required, but extras are welcome to attend one or both weekends.

This is a nonpaid gig, but meals and beverages will be provided during production. All talent should be able to provide their own transportation. We have a relationship with a local resort for discounted rooms for those extras that will be participating.

If interested, please send our Casting Director Heather an email, with the subject line of “Redemption Extra: Ocean City,” as well as a digital photo of yourself, to no later than March 26th, 2009.

Stay Shiny!

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