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Ok, my ear hurts. I mean really hurts. Just got back from the doctor. I don't have an ear infection but my ear is swollen and has a lot of fluid behind the eardrum. Now I get to take a combination of decongestants and antihistamines to clean this up.

Did I mention it's cold here? The wind was really bad as I was walking down the street in Chelsea from the doctor's office to get to the subway that would take me back to work. I still haven't thawed out. My nose is cold.

I love New York City in the mornings though, even if it's cold. When the sun's shining like it is today, everything kind of sparkles - even on the dirty streets. I was really tired before I left home to go to the doctor but the crisp, cold air woke me right up.

Two more days Michael. I can't wait.
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