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My sex appeal

Mars in Pisces

The key to your sex appeal lies in your astrological chart. Reflecting the position of planet Mars at the time of your birth, your Mars Sign can be different from your Sun Sign. For example, a Taurus can have Mars in Gemini. Learn what it is that makes you sexy and fuels your passion!
Women with Mars in Pisces have a highly active fantasy life, and this can make for some highly interesting encounters in the boudoir. Many women with this Mars placement are artistic, and with few exceptions, they can hardly resist anyone dedicated to expressing truth or beauty. In short, this gal can be a sucker for the bass player.

Mars in Pisces brings a sweet veil of romance to love making. Like Leo, she enjoys sharing role play fantasies with her partner. Through physical intimacy she can whip up a dreamlike state in which time and circumstances appears to be suspended, and nothing else exists but the lovers, their sensations, and soft sounds of their motions in the dark.

Love and intimacy can reach euphoric peaks of pleasure that provide a welcome escape from the harsh demands of daily life. This is the great joy of Mars in Pisces, but it can also be a danger. The Mars-in-Pisces woman can mistake great sex for love, and such a misunderstanding can prime her for disappointment when the dream cycle is over and hard reality sets in. With maturity, the Mars-in-Pisces woman learns to be more discriminating about sharing her powers of sensual transport. By reserving her gifts for a lover she can trust, she assures herself a reliable touchstone for her dreamy departures.

Famous Women with Mars in Pisces:
Elizabeth Barrett Browning, Elizabeth Taylor, Marilyn Monroe, Debbie Reynolds, Lynn Redgrave, Michelle Pfeiffer, and Jane Fonda

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