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Random IM

Names changed to protect the not so innocent:

Horny Idiot: hello gorgeous;)
Me: How do you know I'm not some 400 pound woman with broken teeth and zits all over my face?
Horny Idiot: well i just hope for the best;)
I just found your profile
what would you choose - romance or sex?;)
Me: Or worse yet.. Maybe I'm a 500 pound man who hasn't left my home in years and I like posing as a woman to lure guys like you into cybering with me...
Horny Idiot: maybe maybe but i tend to think you are beautiful
Horny Idiot: do you wanna talk?
Me: Why thank you. Because I am a 40 year old man who likes to wear women's underwear. Makes me feel really sexy. Do you like men in women's underwear?
Horny Idiot: no
Me: Damn. That sucks. I bet you're really hot.
Me: I bet you'd look really good in a lacy thong.
Horny Idiot: well i didn't know u were out of your mind;)

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