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I went to a fight...

...and a hockey game broke out.

Have I mentioned I like hockey? Seriously, I do. I had never even watched a game until Michael took me. Yup, that's all it took. A single game and I was hooked.

We went to a game last night. Washington Capitals (our team) vs the Atlanta Thrashers. I got to see two, almost three, fistfights last night. I was in hockey heaven. Especially when one of our guys beat the snot out of a bully boy from the Thrashers. Yes, I love, love, love hockey!

On a side note. I must have slept funny the other night. I have this horrible pain in the lower part of my neck on the left side. I can feel a big knot there but can't stand to try to massage it out just yet. It makes it hurt almost all the way down into my shoulder. Michael's been rubbing Ben Gay on it, and it's starting to loosen up. Maybe I'll be able to have him work the knot out for me later.
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