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Ooh, a public post

Posting this publically because I feel it needs to be shared.

As I heard a former ambassador from the US to Iraq say last night. Hate the war. Be angry at the government but please don't take it out on our military. This was posted at a site I frequent quite regularly. Michael and I are planning on doing this. These are the exact words of the original poster:

Even if you are not able to be overseas and are confined “stateside”, you can STILL have a valued part and role in the Operation to FREE IRAQ. SUPPORT THE SOLDIERS!!

There are hundreds of thousands of men and women overseas right now risking their lives, they are away from home and family and out of touch.

Take a moment out of your day to put together a "CARE PACKAGE" (it can’t be anything bigger than a shoe box), send them thank you letters and Cards.

When putting together a “Care Package”, send little things like gum, games or a deck of cards, baby wipes to clean themselves, Kool-aid, chapstick, a roll of toilet paper, a can of Turkey SPAM (it can not be Pork), crackers, any food that won’t spoil during shipping. Remember, it can only be as big as a shoebox. Give enough so they can also share with others in their Unit AND send thank you notes!!

You wouldn’t believe how much it makes a difference, I still have a letter that I received from an 8 year old boy in Noodle, Texas (believe it or not, there is a place called Noodle in Texas and got to visit it and Alexander when I got back Stateside).

Don’t just sit there in front of CNN watching this take place, do your part to help and take a moment out of your day (do it while watching CNN if you must) to let these people know you care and support them. It makes a world of a difference.

Contact your local ANG or Recruiter's office and they will provide to you a listing of individuals and Units in service and help you in this endeavor.
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