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Well it's done.

Friday is my last day at work. Asshole wanted to fire me yesterday, nice guy bought me time until Friday. Nice, I'll get paid for an entire week of work. Nice guy also gave me a $50 gift certificate to Macy's and an exit interview and urged me to be totally honest on it. He told me if that by being honest on this exit interview it's my way of getting back.

I discussed this with the office manager about the exit interview. She and I both do not believe that asshole will turn the exit interview in to HR. So, on Friday, I am going to send the interview to them myself with a note stating I wanted to be 100% certain they received it. There are questions about your relationship with your supervisor and what you disliked about your position... boy can I give them an earful!

On the upside, I'll be in Maryland Saturday. I have until the following Sunday with Michael. Guess we'll find out then if we can live together ::grins:: I am going to be interviewing that week so, hopefully, I'll find a job pretty fast.
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